Three Robots Having  Apricot Sorbett Under A Purple Eclipse


(Nantock to Borcondex 7) Borcon, give me your confection, mine is now gone & my flavor sensors require more stimulation! (Borcondex 7) No! It is my confection, you may not have it you greedy pig of bot! (Kizbot, the third robot, an older model with no shielding to protect it from the peculiar effects of the magnetics of the purple eclipse, has been reduced to making chimp - like burbling noises effected with twangy reverb not unlike that of an old Decca guitar amp. Nantock, Kizbot is worthless now, we should just dispose of him now and be done with the suffering, and I will have my Sorbett!! Borcondex 7, Stay back Nantock or I will take electrostun to next Level!!

Transmission Interrupted, to Be Continued.........


Cellphone Zombies

I arranged some pixels today. And somebody likes me from far away.

Data plan charges sound the alarm. But I don’t care cause I got an

under the overpass campfire keep’in me warm