Nannybots Get Off  My Lawn Dammit !


Technology provides the affordable food I enjoy, a nice living space & makes obtaining materials for sculptures from a worldwide market possible. I make tech type art, yet I am concerned with A.I. at the same time. What happens to human mental health without tasks to perform? I would be a hypocrite if I did not admit to using a math calculator every time, But I just don’t care for math unless it concerns fabrication measurements. Hooray for the bot climbing stairs! When it finally succeeds, then it can possibly chase me. How exciting!

I like that my 84 Chevy truck does not give me instructions to “Drive carefully & obey ALL the rules of the road” & request me to push the “Accept” button on the touch screen like the company car I drive does

I shouldn’t even be driving the flippin’ thing (wait for it) If I need to be told again & again & again & then again some more.

Nannybots get off my lawn dammit !

P.S. I like my computers & get queasy at the thought of not having them

I am in the machines grasp already. Oh well....

My friends & I grew up in the 60’s. We played in the woods by ourselves all day & survived lawn darts & toys with real hot plates built right in, when we were all out of the Creepy Crawler plastic bug making goop, we raided the fridge for scraps of bacon & hot dog to be cooked to sizzling perfection. Tasty!

Lot’s of poly-something residue in that food, (I still look young for my age)

In fond memory, we had awesome outdoor slumber parties on an expansive deck with a dazzling view of a billon stars to enjoy our little “cookouts”. We used to make up stories about what was happening on far away planets. Star track was on it’s original TV run. Go figure.

Risky toys (read: awesome) taught us that the world had sharp edges , so be careful. Nowadays everything has to be super safe.

Those “Dangerous toys were the best, god I loved em”!

Sometimes I wonder, are we safe now?

Yes !! I think the robots will take really good care of us !