Nannybots Get Off  My Lawn Dammit !


Cellphone Zombie

I arranged some pixels today. And got a ‘Like” from far away.

Data plan charges sound the alarm. But I don’t care cause I got an

under the overpass campfire keep’in me warm

I will admit to my own double standard. Technology provides the affordable food I enjoy, a nice living space & makes obtaining materials for sculptures from a worldwide market possible. I make tech type art, yet am repelled by tech at the same time.

Work is good for people -- but technology has been chipping away at that for some time. The idea that seems to be promoted is “Let us make life easier so you will have more time to do what you love most” I don’t know about you, but I have always felt the best after completing an immersive task.

I like that my 84 Chevy truck does not give me instructions to “drive carefully & obey ALL the rules of the road” & request me to push the “Accept” button on the touch screen like the company car I drive does

I shouldn’t even be driving the flippin’ thing (wait for it) If I need to be told again & again & again & then again some more.

Nannybots get off my lawn dammit !

My friends & I grew up in the 60’s. We survived lawn darts & toys with real hot plates buiilt built right in. It taught us that the world could bite , so be careful. Nowadays everything has to be super safe cause most are afraid legal liabillity. Those “Dangerous” toys we had were the best, God I loved em”! Sometimes I wonder, are we safe now? Yes !!

I think the robots will take really good care of us !